Decentralized Web Summit pt.3: Big Guns

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Sir Tim Berners-Lee @timberners_lee

He is the director of the WWW Consortium. He was really hard for me to understand. He is so smart and talks so fast that mere mortals have to run to catch up. He made some excellent points

Sites/services such as FB, Flickr, Instagram don’t talk to each other. Those sites are silos. These sites display the siloization of the web.

=> When I heard him say that it occurred to me that mobile devices are creating a bridge (nota bene: NOT a solution or breaking down the silos) in that photos are stored in one place to the different silos have access to them. This still means that you don’t have to go to different places to find the photos to upload.

=> While you can click on the ‘share with Twitter’ button within Instagram, the tweet still refers the reader back to Instagram.

People think that consumers sold their souls to get web/app services for free.

He wants a place to store that individuals can control

  • He is working on a project called Solid

Locking the Web Open / Brewster Kahle

Can web openness be irrevocable?

Can web openness be baked into the infrastructure?

  • Build archiving into the cloud

The more access is available, the more a site is used (e.g. Amazon Cloud moves sites around and replicates them for a larger fee if they get more popular)

Reader privacy is an issue that came up a few times at the conference



Listen/watch the video of the whole conference for more detail and more information.


Cory Doctorow’s presentation
Tim Berners-Lee’s Solid project
Twitter hashtag #DWebSummit