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Jaye Lapachet

Jaye Lapachet

Services and Information

I enjoy working with clients to provide information they need for positive decision making.

This information is provided to give you a basic understanding of the services I provide to clients. My main services are:

  • Information organization and management
  • Evaluate and improve information services through systems and workflow analysis
  • Review Library and Information Center processes and procedures in order to suggest improvements and updated efficiency
  • Relationship development with the Bay Area Knowledge management community
  • Relationship development through social media (training and managing) for business development and customer relationship experience improvement
  • Relationship development with the Bay Area law library community
  • Contract negotiation support
  • Work with clients to develop knowledge management systems that work for their organizational environment
  • Work with your staff to improve customer service


Jaye A. H. Lapachet, M.L.I.S. is a consultant, knowledge manager and was, for many years, aprofessional law librarian. I have worked in law firms and libraries since 1987, and was an information management consultant for 8 years. I have set up databases and workflow systems in numerous information centers and am an expert at identifying methods of streamlining workflow. These projects have included a variety of database projects, technology implementation, training programs and department reorganizations. I have written for a variety of publications and speak at conferences. My strengths are out of the box thinking and idea generation. I feel that the identification of information assets, followed by the organization and successful reuse of those information assets is critical to the ongoing success and daily efficiency of an organization as whole.

I have a solid understanding of information organization and management. I am passionate about metadata and reusing rather than recreating information. As a consultant, I also have project management skills.

Specialties: Systems analysis, workflow analysis, idea generation, out of the box thinking to generate solutions

You can find more about my professional experience on my LinkedIn page as well as materials from my presentations on my Slideshare page.


Work: Rates vary depending on the project, including the duration.

Travel: Travel expenses are charged at cost (e.g. no surcharge on plane tickets or hotel). If all day travel is required, rate is $100 per hour for 8 hours only. Mileage is charged outside of San Francisco, San Mateo and Alameda counties for the entire trip at standard IRS rates.

Download the information sheet.


I work to understand the unique project you bring to me, therefore rates, length of project and steps are customized to meet your specific needs, thus:

  1. This document is informational and subject to change.
  2. A formal proposal will be prepared upon request.
  3. Signed proposals comprise the full scope of the work to be performed.
  4. Invoices are due and payable without exception upon receipt. Work will cease with an outstanding balance (30 days or more) of $500 or more.
  5. Work will take place both on and off site as determined by consultant.
  6. Hourly estimates are estimates. If work does not take estimated time, hours are not charged. If work is anticipated to take longer, the client will be contacted.
  7. I may use a third party for billing and collections at my discretion.