Internet Librarian 2015

Internet Librarian is one of the best conferences I have attended. It is small, focused on technology and the Internet. In the past it has been to the point and interesting. I heard Liz Lawley speak there and became a huge fan of the possibilities in workplaces around gaming. Of course, HR has not adopted any gaming techniques and the idea is now somewhat out of fashion.

I like Internet Librarian, because I meet other people who are smart, articulate and thinking about the way things could be in libraries and working with technology to realize dreams.

IL 2015 session

IL 2015 session

This year, after a few years’ hiatus, I am speaking again. This year, I am taking a detour and speaking about vendor relations. I am passionate about this subject as I sincerely dislike the negative talk and disrespect often heard in library circles. Come and hear me speak on Monday October 26, 2015 at 3:15.

Register and take a look at the full schedule. See you there!