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Presentations, Courses Taught and Publications Presentations

• Internet Librarian, October 2018, Monterey, Calif.: Presentation on Brainstorming a Content Management Program

• PRESQT Conference, April 2018, South Bend, Indiana : Presentation on Content Management as a Preservation Strategy

• Internet Librarian (October) 2015, Monterey, Calif.: Presentation on Building Positive Vendor Relationships

• Special Libraries Association, 2015, Competitive Intelligence: the Good, the Bad & the Ugly, June 16, 2015

• SLA, AALL and CALL sponsored webinar, with Camille Reynolds: Taming the KM Monster, February 2012

• Internet Librarian 2011, Monterey, Calif.: Presentation, paper on Knowledge Management: Taming the Monster, with Camille Reynolds

• Legal Marketing Association, San Francisco Presentation on Uses for Wikis, 2010

Brain Rules, Coblentz, Patch, Duffy & Bass, LLP, 2010

• Internet Librarian, 2009: Web 2.0 for Tough Times

• NOCALL Institute, 2009: Wikis, FriendFeed

• Internet Librarian 2008: Facebook in the Law Firm Library

• ASIS Mid Year Meeting 1994: Presentation on Virtual Communities


Courses Taught

• Legal Research Tips & Tricks, CEB, 2018

• Social Media for Business Development, with Cynthia Rowland, Coblentz, Patch, Duffy & Bass, LLP, 2010

• Introduction to Inmagic DB/Textworks Report Writing: Hanson Bridgett Library, 2008

Introduction to Quiltmaking: 2006-present

• Search Engine Training: McKenna & Cuneo Internal training, 2000

• Using the Internet Part 5: Creating Web Pages: University of California Extension, Berkeley, 1995-1998.

• Using the Internet Part 3: Internet Tools: University of California Extension, Berkeley, 1995-1998

• Using the Internet Part 2: Basic Tools: University of California Extension, Berkeley, 1995-1998



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