Daily Archives: October 19, 2018

CM Start

In a recent talk on starting/brainstorming a content management plan, I suggested that people start small. That’s nice, but, then I went on to another bit of the talk. After the talk, I ran into a Washington librarian getting started on a CM program. I had seen him in the session and thought for sure he would ask a question, but he didn’t. I was glad I ran into him, because he told me what his library was doing and said he didn’t know how to start.

Content Management can be big and scary. Yes, you have to define what it means to your organization, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start with some small steps.

How to start:

The easiest thing to do is look at your events calendar. No matter what kind of library-or organization- you work in, events will be happening.

Pick out a couple of events

Create bibliographies of resources that support the event. Include town councilĀ  or management reports, videos, podcasts, websites, audiobooks in addition to the print and eBook materials that will surely find their way to your list. Do not segregate by format. If you segregate by format you are missing the point of CM.

Make sure your logo as well as suggestion to “Ask the Librarian for More Resources” and your phone number is on the sheet and pass it out at the next event.

Evolve that to a web page. If you can do it before the event, great. If not, put it up after the event. If you can’t make a webpage, scan it to PDF and create a catalog record.

You have made a good start. What’s next?